Saturday, February 23, 2008

Step 1: How to act accordingly???!!!!

One concrete way of acting as members of civil society is by joining mass and creative actions on the streets. Come, join and be heard!

Itakwil ang lahat ng Ilehitimong Utang!
Itakwil ang Ilehitimong Gobyerno!
People Power Na! Patalsikin si Gloria!

Join the New Movement of the Filipino People! Let us mount a New People Power Uprising!
Monday, Feb 25
1 PM @ People Power Monument, EDSA
You may wish to go on your own or join other organization's contingent
(i.e. Freedom from Debt Coalition).
For more information, please contact Job Bordamonte @ 09209149561 and Emman Hizon @ 09189070674

Another way to act is to listen to news and opinions, gather information from reliable sources, attend forums which discuss the issues, ask questions, read, read and read newspapers, papers, documents and primer and discuss them anytime if given an opportunity - mealtime, after mass, in schools, barkada sessions and so on and so forth.

To help you understand the current political developments, I will attach a copy of the PRIMER ON ZTE-NBN DEAL entitled, "ZTEwwwwwwww!" We hope to also have the Filipino version by Monday's time. I just have to understand how to post an attachment. Anyway, after reading the material, why not try to discuss it in your class, workplace and other areas possible. In your way, your helping civil society, little by little.

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