Sunday, February 24, 2008

On Randy David's Public Lives Column on "Should bishops lead political actions?"

I couldn't agree less to Mr. David's column posted last February 16 at the Philippine Daily Inquirer. First, I would like to thank him for giving me a fresh perspective on looking at the Church's role at this time of crisis.
"Cardinal Sin is Cardinal Sin!" Nobody can replace him, I guess, and I have highest respect for him for doing what he did 22 years ago. If I can say, he sort of saved the people. But we no longer have him around to call once again on the people to act and we have to move forward as a nation carrying with us, hopefully, lessons from the past.

However, if his activeness can be called as his strength, then I can call it a weakness as well because the people have depended on what the Church has to say for years. And this cannot continue. The people has to really "own" this struggle for a change.

Many ask, what "communal action" means. I say, this can mean different things and we should not stop ourselves from discovering what kind of communal action should be done. After all, we do not want to copy the rest of the EDSA's we have before. This is a very unique scenario which requires a different approach like what the CBCP said, a new brand of People Power.
I think, having the kind of Church we have right now is a welcome change because it will allow the citizenry to become more mature and come up with a sound judgment if the time comes and when it is most needed.
See a copy of the article by Randy David below under the headlines section.

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