Friday, February 22, 2008

Civil Society Act Now!!!

Finally, I got my own blog! I cannot explain my feelings but I am excited to share my thoughts to the world particularly on the subject I chose. This blog will in no way pretend to know a lot about civil society actions but would attempt to give the basics (kaya nga 101) and/or give tips, suggest, recommend on how to jumpstart one's participation in any cause-oriented actions and projects. The author, which is me, is not an "ideologue." I would want to be one but I am still learning the ropes step by step, on a per issue basis. I am saying this to make clear to everyone that this blog is up not because of ideology but only because of what I think is right, my own principle and faith as a Christian. And everybody is welcome here.

After, a dozen of planning and "urong-sulong" attitude, I have created the CivilSocietyAct101 blog. Not only because of the current political developments but I think this is something that I require myself to have as my little contribution to the civil society and and hopefully to the social movement. This would also be a great tool, in a way, to personally help me in my training as a campaigner in the future and to be able to promote and encourage active participation among members of the civil society and to the rest of the world.

To all my acvtivists friends out there, I invite you to post/comment and share relevant topics to my blog. Please send me as well the links to your blogs so I can add them. I am also going to post very articles with my comments and hopefully yours.

In the meantime, I have to get going. There is a "Misa para sa Katotohanan" (Mass for Truth) at our parish here in Brgy. Hulo (Our Lady of the Abandoned). The parish priest is becoming active in helping AMRSP support Lozada. With my friends here in Mandaluyong, we hope to start organizing the parishes nearby as our contribution to the communal action called for by CBCP to the citizenry. I hope people will start waking up from their deep sleep and get around with their senses.

Hope to see you all in action!!!

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