Thursday, June 11, 2009

The Christian Response to Con-Ass Part 2

Yesterday, June 10, before proceeding to the big Ayala, Makati mob, I was tasked to help with the media liaison at AMRSP, CEAP and NASSA-CBCP's Forum on Con-Ass - its Agenda and Implications. Gladly, many friends from the media came.

Anyway, Fr. Joaquin Bernas, SJ explain what the Constitution said about separate voting and how this exercise/process will open the Constitution to possible changes (see video below - Con-Ass 101) and that they are not binded by what the resolution says because they can change anything.

Although I am bewildered and oftentimes criticize the Church for its slow response to issues (i.e., Con-Ass), I believe that their call for Circles of Discernment is an entry point both for the students and the faculty to deeply understand Charter Change and be involved. They felt the need to know more so instead of just barging in to the mob, CEAP - the main organizer of the activity, chose to stay, sent their message to the media and called for the Circles of Discernment in various institutions. They say that they do not stop schools from participating in the rally/ies but that is the discretion of the heads of each school. I am just happy to see the faith-based community united on this issue and hopefully they can continue becoming persistent in getting involved.

To access more of their thoughts on the issue of Charter Change/Con-Ass, you may check out my documents at Scribd (click the Scribd badge on the right side bar) or simply click on the link below:

CBCP President - Abp. Angel Lagdameo's Statement, "Con-Ass No! Con-Con Yes!
CEAP oppose Con-Ass
Bishop Pabillo's Speech - Moral Implications of Con-Ass
Fr. Jojo of Ateneo - Discerning a Christian Response to House Resolution 1109

The complete text of the House Resolution 1109 for your reference can be found at the right side of my blog's column under Resource Materials.

As for those Congress Representatives who signed or co-authored this resolution, the people will remember you for who and what you are, here is a link that leads you to the complete list of co-authors <Con-Ass Resolution Endorsers>.

Before I end this, it is interesting to note what Amb. Tita de Villa said about how Congress can count the votes of those for the bill by merely using voice to affirm/confirm. She said, she asked that to a guest in her radio station program (if I remember it right), sorry I forgot the name, but the guest said that if it is just a House Resolution, the rules allowed the Representatives to just affirm their votes for it by the use of voice. For those against, they stood up, said their votes including why they are against it. I hope this last part makes sense.

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