Monday, June 8, 2009

AKSYON NA! Calling on everyone to join the "masa" on the streets

This is the sign of the times!

These past few weeks, I was so eager to share with you a lot of stories of my participation in various socially-relevant events. I have to continue posting events that contributed to the further delay of the passage of the BNPP bill. Last week, I just joined an anti-trapo movement and we are now preparing for a preparatory committee. All of these are in my line-up. However, the sudden passage of HB 1109 (Con-Ass) suddenly rocked my world and am now busy helping in the preparations for the June 10 actions.

I would also like to use this opportunity to invite everyone, every Filipino who read this post including our foreigner friends in the Philippines to join us in the big protest action against Con-Ass this coming June 10, 5:00-8:00 p.m. at Paseo de Roxas, Makati. For those who are working in Makati, you may already join the crowd after office hours. However for those coming from different places, you may want to join our contingent at Ayala corner EDSA by 3:00 p.m. Listen to the short speeches and watch more cultural presentations.

Although, we may not like some of the personalities who will join the protest and the alliances built based on this issue are only short-term, we need to show the Administration that we are one in saying No to ConAss! Not during the time of GMA! Yes, I believe there are some provisions in the Constitution that needed changes, but these should be changed to improve the lives of the people and not just to lift the nationalist protection provisions on our economy if it will just benefit the privileged few.

At this time I only remember what some faith-based leaders/philosophers of the recent times have said:

"He who passively accepts EVIL is as much involved in it as he who helps perpetrate it. He who accepts EVIL without protesting against it is really cooperating with it."
-Martin Luther King

"What does the LORD require of you? To do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God." -Micah 6:8

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." -Edmund Burke

Let us all heed to the call of the times. This is the time to unite and let our voices be heard once and for all. We Filipinos have been asleep and quiet with what is happening to our country far too long. Start studying the issue <House Resolution 1109>, debate and discuss with your family and friends so that you can make informed decisions.

This time, we should already make painful choices not the band-aid solutions we did in the past so that others may live decently and humanely. START DENOUNCING THE TRAPO SYSTEM! Make a difference and be involved!

Interested? Please contact me (Jofti) at 09217941407 /

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