Monday, May 13, 2013

The World I Want has a Better Healthcare for All!

Yes, I know! Its been four years since I posted in this blog and soon I shall be starting a new one to stay for good. I recently got interested in the health advocacy and what a better way to promote it than start a blog dedicated on the issue. This blog will be incorporated in my new blog because I believe that working on advocacies are part and parcel of being healthy, particularly ensuring the health of our souls. 

Therefore, when I came across the United Nation's Global Survey for a Better World announcement from a fellow freelance writer, I immediately grab the opportunity to put a word or two about my health advocacy and express how important it is to have a healthy citizenry to achieve economic development and progress. In the meantime, while my health blog is still under construction, I can make use of my old blog to promote UN's My World 2015 Global Survey.

The United Nations (UN) is an institutional beacon for civil society participation, which what this blog is all about. I want the Filipino people to realize that they are not so helpless after all and that they have a big say in the future of the Philippines or even of the world. The purpose of my blog is to guide civil society to participate -- what mouthpiece to use, how to make a difference, who can amplify their voices and how to pursue the necessary actions. 

My World 2015 Global Survey is a part of the UN's efforts to listen to what concerns people the most. Results of this survey will be the content of the post-2015 goals after the Millennium Development Goals have been fulfilled by 2015.

I already participated in the survey and below are the results:

I also shared in the survey why I voted for these six (6) priorities. Of course, my number one is better healthcare and my second is affordable and nutritious food. This is so because in My World, I want an effective disease prevention program that is accessible to all people. And the better way to do prevention is making nutritious food accessible. Having a clean and safe environment is also important in maintaining health. So the actions taken by government on climate change is critical in My World. Good education, better job opportunities and a reliable energy at home are crucial ingredients as well in having a healthy citizenry because they keep people happy, their stress level low and give them a sense of well-being.

The survey also shows how the rest of the people of the world voted for the same priorities I chose. 

When you refer to the result graphic above, as of date, 15,086 Filipinos already made their votes. The bar on the right side are the top 10 priority concerns in the Philippines. 

So if I were you, be an active citizen! Let the UN hear your voice and tell them what kind of world you want. Visit My World 2015.

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