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The Jamby Madrigal Fiasco...Nakakahiya!

I saw this post when I was reading more Cory tributes. I just can't pass on this one. I don't know if you will get to enjoy this one or maybe puke. I don't know how these "elite," members of the so-called "alta-sosyedad" can go down to this level.
The author of this post is requesting bloggers to re-post this to as many sites as possible. She also mentioned that Sen. Mar Roxas was shaking hands to the masa who attended the funeral.

All I can say is pa-yellow, yellow ribbon pa kayo but you can't even live up to what it really stands for, hmp!


Jamby Madrigal Defiles Cory Aquino Memorial Service

Posted at August 6, 2009

My good friend sent me an e-mail with a blog post from a Facebook user named Happy Feraren. While she was waiting for President Cory Aquino’s cortege, she and her Mom decided to buy a yellow umbrella. They were then given a yellow beaded bracelet afterwards for free. However, when they looked closer at the bracelet, it had the picture of Senator Jamby Madrigal, who recently declared her intention to run for the Presidency in 2010. Senator Madrigal, with all due respect, I think you’ve crossed the line with your politicking. Giving away campaign materials during the memorial service of former President Aquino is just foul and disrespectful.

Here’s a picture of the supposed Jamby Madrigal Bracelet:

Full quote of the narration of Happy after the break.

"Shame on your Jamby Madrigal by Happy Feraren

Now that we’ve remembered, relived and recreated the spirit of ’86 let’s make sure this yellow ribbon doesn’t get tangled up in other people’s political campaigns.

Subtle electioneering IN A FUNERAL?!?! SHAME ON YOU. Do not ride on Cory’s wave to pursue your vested interest. The people who waited in the streets weren’t there to see you! The revolution doesn’t belong to you, phony politician, it belongs to the people. And what makes you think you could get away with such a dirty trick? Cory’s lasting impression of sincerity, humility and honesty is now the benchmark of what leaders are supposed to be. You think people don’t see through you? The respect we have for Cory is not something you acquire with falsity (or through endorsement from Judy Ann Santos) it is earned. How dare you pose as someone offering sympathy to the Aquino family while you think about the votes you’re going to get come election time.

As I waited for the cortege (news networks’ new favourite word) along the South Super Highway, my mom and I bought 2 yellow umbrellas from this street vendor who was also selling nuts. And then as we paid, he pulled out something from his pocket – a yellow beaded bracelet nicely packed in a small clear plastic bag. Upon handing it over to us, he said: “Eto o, bonus para sa inyo.”Of course my mom and I were pleased and were all “awww how sweet.”Until I actually looked at the bracelet and saw a little tag with the name and photo of Jamby Madrigal.

I called out to him and asked, “O bakit may Jamby Madrigal itong bracelet na ito” and when I looked at the vendor for an answer he had already walked away.

Maybe an hour before this incident, I saw her car passing by the growing sea of people. Window open, flashing the L sign and strangely enough, a cameraman in front filming the people. My mom started shouting “Transparencyyyy!” and then I looked at her asking if I could put up my middle finger and my mom looked at me and said I should just shout transparency, accountability or good governance. In other words “BOOOOOOOO!!!!” And then the two of us just started shouting BOO JAMBY!!!

I am utterly disgusted by you, Ms.Madrigal. And to you other filthy politicians, behave yourselves because we are all watching you, even if you’re supposedly Cory’s “favorite” mayor. Genuine democracy is People Power and everything Ninoy and Cory stood for. It also means that now, whenever there’s a phony claiming he or she is there to protect Cory’s legacy, we will be able to speak up and act with the same fearless fervour we had before.

You know sometimes I wish I could march in the government offices with a magical broom that can sweep away all the dirty politicians we have in this country. A giant clean up, but this time not just for the environment but for our government. Haha, imagine if we could really do that? I’m already writing down the names of the people I’d attack first with my magic walis!

So, before you file for candidacy (a bit too late though in this case) think again. Actually, good luck! The people have remembered.

Taken from Facebook Notes

Senator Madrigal, if memory serves me right, there were close to 300,000 people during Cory’s memorial service. By spitting at her memory by campaigning, you just lost 300,000 votes for 2010. I’m sure you will lose millions more when this piece of information spreads out to the general public. This Jamby Madrigal Bracelet fiasco is something that I just can’t stomach.

To all bloggers out there, please re-post. Let’s get the word out.

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meandthecomputer said...

She won the senatorial race at the time when people were looking for new faces amidst the same old trapos.

People voted for her for the simple reason that she was new and unknown.

I doubt she will win again if she run for any public office.